First Blog

This account is going to serve to more or less push my Facebook posts to a larger audience. With Libcom having disambiguated into syndicalist dreck, I believe there an opportunity for a discussion space in the left-communist/anti-state-communist/communization area. Here might not be where things end-up but I want to start the discussion.

4 comments on “First Blog

  1. stephenCM says:

    Can you sketch the critique of syndicalism for me? It seems, with the publication of Fighting for Ourselves and its reception there, that LibCom is going ‘fully-syndicalist’. I just haven’t heard the critiques of syndicalism. I guess I haven’t read enough communization stuff.

  2. redhughs says:

    I will do this as separate post soon.
    I should ask. Would you like a critique of unions as they exist or a critique of the idea that if we try really hard we can make them different?

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