Why Oppose “Jacobin Magazine”

The following quote by  perhaps represents a “point of maximum stupidity” in the contemporary left:

However much the Old Left liked to portray the “working class” as a universal identity that subsumed particular interests — and as much as contemporary left nostalgics like Walter Benn Michaels might still like to portray it that way—the working class in its sociological sense was always a form of identity politics. An Imagined Community

Missing the point utterly. Perry quotes  “Imagined Community” with despicable aim getting us to embrace the fictitious communities generated by class relations. “Holy embrace the spectacle…”

The thing is that Jacobin Mag really is “what counts as intelligent” in US radicalism but only because the bar is really low. One useful project for this blog will be to critique general drift which Jacobin seems to be a part of.

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