RC On Elections

The citizens of this “God blessed” country have re-elected the president. And once again, as befits the largest and most powerful of the free democracies, the election campaign was exemplary. Not because the candidates demonstrated how much this climax of popular rule is a matter of the financial might the parties are able to muster for their propaganda campaigns, nor because of the unparalleled orgy of political fundamentalism, bigotry, hypocrisy and malice put on by both candidates in order to display their own brilliance as leaders and the despicable nature of their respective opponent, but because of the typically American straightforward manner with which Obama and his Republican challenger revealed what democratic freedom is all about – a kind of freedom that all voters get to live to the hilt during and between elections. 

Ruthless Criticism

While some of RC’s “Sturm und Drang” is a bit over the top, it is sometimes “just what the doctor ordered”. American democracy is a “realm of freedom” in the sense of capitalist freedom, in the sense of each person buy and selling everything, even, especially, their manipulability. If polls were honest, the questions would be “which candidate do you think would do the best job in selling policies that are against your interests”. And the membrane between this honest statement and the actual statement just keeps getting thinner (as Onion headlines become hard to distinguish from ordinary headlines).

And I believe that what RC means by “live” is what capitalist society means – to buy and sell.

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