Rant About Some FBI Occupy Documents

It is worth at least scanning these FBI documents. Humorously enough, they label Adbusters a “self-identified American revolutionary Anarchist group”, so we can assume they don’t work with a lot of fact checking.

At the same time, given that half the pages are blacked-out and other law enforcement groups could easily operate separately, we can not necessarily make any really specific conclusions about how much law enforcement acted against Occupy. We do know that law enforcement was aware of the Occupy Movement, wanted act against it and that efforts to act against it were coordinated across the country – which is pretty much what we could have guessed already.

But even from that, I think we can make a critique of many “standard models” of social change. That is, from anarchosyndicalism to community organizing to “act locally” to whatever, these standard models imagine small forms of activity which spreads from person to person in an unconscious, a-political form only gradually becoming resistance after “years of hard work” (or something). But as we can see above (and everywhere really), “the machine”, “the beast”, the system is not a passive entity but is active and vigilant (if also paranoid and stupid). It is not static, waiting for “organizers” to gather people together. Rather, it demands continual reorganization from every small capitalist and bureaucrat while shifting its tentacles of production from one of the world to another.

Certainly, the system is crisis-prone. The system’s crises open opportunities for its negation while simultaneously intensifying its horrors. What will happen on this chaotic battlefield is uncertain. The main thing that looks certain is, as said before, a slow, static, multi-decade “strategy” or “movment” is transparently absurd, impossible, delusional. Capital notices all phenomena that good beyond a very low threshold and takes action as a whole against these – even as capital also experiences crises which can make such slow strategies beside the point.

This is simply saying is that any process of negating the system needs to appear quickly and act quickly (the Occupy Movement, for all its weaknesses, had the virtue of appearing quickly). Moreover, we would-be revolutionaries have to reconcile ourselves to the fact that if these movements don’t act quickly and finish the enemy, they will also vanish quickly (that Occupy receded quickly thus is not situation to “search our souls about”. What might have propelled things further is worth considering but that things receded quickly is not otherwise surprising).

Given that this is the, uh, “rhythm” of the present world that shouldn’t be surprise to anyone except … those wedding to, fixated on, melded-with their ideologies. Sadly, that might include most people who view themselves as proponents of change today. (In a world where we don’t much real control over our lives, it is natural that people accept rigid, self-important idea-systems as means both hide this situation and compensate themselves for it: Ideology – earlier rant on ideology)


3 comments on “Rant About Some FBI Occupy Documents

  1. Dean says:

    The idea that the author does not have an ideology, i.e. a set of beliefs that is somewhat static, is absurd. I could predict what he would say.

  2. redhughs says:

    Hmm, I would plead guilty to having a belief system. What I mean by ideology is a little specific – not just having a belief system but being rigid and fixated on it and in it; having everyone painted as good or bad, etc. Sorry if that isn’t obvious in the text.

  3. husunzi says:

    Homeboy even provided a link to an explanation of what he means by “ideology” – might want to read it first, Dean

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