Death and pornography

IF we find a pornographic image to be repellant, our revulsion often comes because an intimate moment that normally requires a very personal series of  “opening-ups” has been simply thrust on us (and keep in mind I said “if”).

Appropriate or not, our most animal aspects, notably sex and death, have historically been mostly sheathed by society’s protocols.

Now, Sex and Death, even tragic death are all part of our lives. As far as death goes, one might imagine that a hypothetical organic community would deal with tragic death using something like an expanding circle, those closest to the victims mourning, those more on the outside supporting, the whole process having its own natural rhythm, etc.

So I would assert that recent media-driven spree of emotional fixation of millions of people on the particular tragic death of twenty people has many of the qualities of pornography; society’s sheath of protocols has been ripped away and we feel free to share the animal experiences of strangers.

Backing up, I would make it clear that I don’t oppose erotic images. That mainstream pornography reinforces the dominant stereotypes is only a relative criticism. That porn today is a commodity is commodity is fundamental problem but it shares problem with “nearly everything”. I would assert that a large portion of humanity left the world of the intact community long ago (if such a thing even existed). Today, we are between dysfunctional communities and no-community-at-all. Often in this blog, we are defining Capitalist society as that system which takes human activity, human creativity,  as a thing to be manipulated and consumed (as well as being bought and sold, of course). And we can see modern society extending these ways of consuming human creativity in every direction. If a different social system arises as a counter-force and successor to this regime, it just won’t really be a pure, organic circle of a hundred caring individuals. Rather it will have to involve a combination of the social protocols of hypothetical and a process of conscious, collective choice about how we allow ourselves to be manipulated as “objects” (with both erotic images and lurid pictures of the lives of strangers both falling into the category of the means of manipulation).

Saying this involves questions rather than providing answers. I would assert the answer really only are going to come from a process of collectively negating this society.


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