A Basic Rejection Of Leftwing Delusions

We reject the claim that there has been a serious mass movement in the last fifty years.

We reject any effort to call the evolutions or permutations of leftist groups and leftist ideas “struggle” or “experiences of struggle”. 

We-communists reject these claims in the sense of rejecting any claim that particular individuals have any crucial larger experience of advancing collective power than the experience of the average dispossessed person (which is not say we claim everyone’s experience is comparable. We’d claim all our experiences are incomparable). We could say that struggle is a common experience for most-if-not-all dispossessed people in the sense that any dispossessed person struggles against the order of capitalist society just as capital is, uh, struggling against us-all. There have been important smaller scale struggles over this period (from wildcat strikes to prison uprisings and beyond). But everyone now is equally inexperienced if we are talking about anything like the crucially necessary coming assertion of mass collective power against the present order (a counter power that in this country would need to involve millions of people learning to act together when few have acted collectively in even smaller efforts).

If would-be revolutionaries are going to have a handle on reality, we have to call specters for what they are. Indeed, we would claim that the above simple statement of reality is fairly evident to most dispossessed people outside small milieus (the “counter-culture” might once have large enough to cultivate similar).  The thing is, we-communists certainly don’t expect to ourselves appear riding-high with a complete battle plan for the revolution, so describing simple, self-evident-if-your-not-deluding-yourself truths is one more useful “task” here.  We can claim, at best, to have one small piece of a large puzzle. It may be crucial piece at a certain moment but so will be, we believe, many other pieces. And moreover, if even this critique is to have a positive value, it will be through ceasing to be in any way the possession of our small sects putting it forward but rather become appropriated by a significant spectrum of the proletariat.


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