Revolution Tasks(I): Joy and Laughs

The dull, joyless quality of most “radicals”, most people who are attempting to push one or another ideologies on us, comes because they are not looking around at what is actually happening to the world. The world is, right, in many places, embroiled in tremendous upheaval and crisis. What happens in Greece once you have looted as much as you can loot? What follows China’s real estate bubble? Will an extension of Occupy appear? How much leeway exactly does the US ruling class have in their ridiculous fiscal cliff maneuvering?

Most of the time we-communists don’t have a set answer about exactly what will happen or what to do. We know some outlines. We know who are our enemies (the capitalist class, including its left and right wing) are and who are our friends (the proletariat). We know the outline of what capitalism is.  We know capitalism doesn’t follow a fairy tale of good and evil. We have an outline of why it is in crisis and why that crisis can’t be easily solved. We know the only escape is rather a different way of existing based on an empowered collective – communism. We have an outline of why would-be piece-meal reformers take refuge in simplistic, dualist thinking –  ideology (as I mentioned).  But all that is only a bare outline compared to the huge amounts of transformation that are ahead of us.

Amusingly, the best of “The Onion” can be closer to what we’re talking about than most supposed radical publication. In many ways, we don’t want to “add comedy” to our approach. We want the awareness and quickness that the best comedians have but we don’t want to need a laugh (though that usually is a good way to get a laugh).

And don’t tell us about the fresh look of Jacobin Magazine. We do recognize that the slickest ideologues have a few formulas to impart the illusion of novelty to their otherwise hackneyed propagandizing. Their prose is really has no more interest than the pseudo-drama you find in business monthly headlines: “How the unlikely couple of a jock and finance geek joined together to revolutionize the asbestos industry”, “the surprising story of how Monsanto solved toxic waste problem by becoming more efficient [actually exporting it to China]” etc .  That kind of thing is about the worst part of comedy, the wheedling, manipulative part we don’t need.

But definitely, we are here to be aware, not push a set series of answer.

More to come…


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