Quick Outline

Quick speculative notes, to be firmed up later.  By “scientistic” I mean guided by scientism, especially, using the mere appearance of science to argue by authority. So what are the problems with a “scientistic approach”

  • It runs the risk of making intellectuals or just those most well versed in the theory, into authorities in any movement that arises.
  • It makes the simple, clear parts of a theory depend on the more obscure, difficult parts
  • It implies a theory which would require years of study to master and so would be extremely difficult to spread widely and fully in a quickly spreading revolution
  • The dynamics of human society overall are far too complex to fully capture in an authoritative, scientific fashion.
  • It makes it easy for those meeting specialty of “Marxism” (or whatever) to meld-together and confuse their careers within academia and their supposed-revolutionary positions.

What would an alternative to a scientistic approach

  • A structural analysis which begins with the most certain and straightforward analyses and continues to further analyses taking into account the distinction between its first, foundational points and its later, useful-if-speculative approaches (Full science requires ).  We say structural in the sense of looking structures that are setup by this society – not some more esoteric analysis.

What positions would that involve (keeping in mind that these would be in-order and that much more would left unmentioned as still-useful analysis):

  • The all civilized societies have been class societies. That class interests organize class societies
  • That modern society, a kind of class society, is founded on the relations of wage labor, commodity production, humans being as arbitrarily allocatable resources. – > Understanding the extreme generality of the wage labor relation is crucial for understanding this.
  • The communist society has been and will be based on collective control of our lives.
  • That modern society is capitalist society, that it tends to be ruled by the class of owners the means of production.

There, very simplified but a start, which may be useful.




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