What’s Holding you Backity Back?

I quite possibly am not correctly interpreting this poem. So consider the text inspiration or prose poetry rather than any refutation of the following:


The commune, when it come into existence, will not be an idea, an ideal or a spirit but a living, functioning entity. Any movement towards revolution, much less a revolution, is going to involve collective transformation, creating a community that none of us can simply imagine now.  So I don’t any individual unwillingness to give up something “holds people back” in this moment, which is one moment of the ordinary isolation that we are individually (or I suppose, in couples) caught in.

I would claim that we communist would benefit from understanding how the various insane, unhealthy and mutually destructive structures of this society feel natural to those within them (and/or are simply things that people have no alternative to). Our task, the not-necessarily-more-important-than-anyone-elses-task task of we would-be communizers,  is an anti-moral task. The people who engage in the unfortunate activities of this society of this society do so for reasons that are irrefutable when one’s stuck in the present order (and if any of us can see outside this order, it an effect akin a vacuum energy within capital’s magnetic field). If we somehow gain sufficient collective force to put an end to this order and create something like THE COMMUNE, “we” will likely include people with who made many “bad choices” and then one good one and there will be other people against us who make some good choices and then one bad one. To be a cop at the point of rupture, for example, is likely a choice that will hold someone back at the point of rupture, yet there are indeed (some if not many) “good people” who will make that choice for a variety of reasons – these good reasons won’t change that situation.

There is no moral order, just what occurs. We communists don’t claim to be better people or that people making individual good choices will create a new world.

One say, from a different point of view, that every other person in the world as well as the architecture, the machines, the weather and most of ourselves is hold us all back. And the urge to condemn all this too.

And, and, this is not saying that there aren’t things people need to struggle against right now, for themselves and their liberation. But until there is a collective process, these struggle will not have any guarantee of coherence.

Children in the ruins

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