He said “everyone’s a cop”

He said:

Everyone’s a cop

My response (written slightly from Facebook):

You are … uh … mistaken?

I think that there’s something of absolute gulf between two viewpoints.

  • There’s the communist view where we coming together to create a new world and we only make the giant step of destroying the old world when we’re collectively together and can actually do this destroying. Until then, most people function neither a cops nor as revolutionaries but simply as “people coping”. This process of creating communism is thus not neither a program we agree nor is it everyone being good. Rather, it is a self-creating, self-expanding process of negotiation and empowerment.
  • And there’s the moral/christian/whatever view that everyone has to immediate do the right thing right now or we’re all just equally fucked/evil. With this latter view, since we’re all evil, well we don’t really have a basis for coming together and destroying this “evil” world.

Today, only a minority of people are real, honest-to-God cops, honest-to-God, active-pernicious collaborator of the system, though some other less-than-everyone-proportion of people are naturally in gray areas. There’s another proportion of people who could become cops or could become anti-capitalist depending circumstances but for whom the die isn’t cast yet. Does the undesirable potential that you might find in someone make someone a cop right now? Well, not unless you want to believe in extra-cruel Calvinist God, meaning no.

Conclusion: So no, not so. Not everyone is a cop.

PS: this doesn’t mean the process is seeing who is a friend and who is an enemy will be easy. In the absolute zero of the present neoliberal ideal, everyone is merely a citizen, a clever, solitary beast responding to the stimuli of multiple markets. Of course, this ideal is lie. Class and class-solidarity may be low today but it certainly exists and moreover, it is fated to rise again in the present climate, kicking and screaming perhaps, but finally gathering enough strength to pull down the pillars of the present world without otherwise sharing the fate of Sampson, we would claim.


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