Notes On The Blog And Current Conditions

This blog is put out by me, Red. A pseudonym but one that goes back at least twenty five years to the initial publication of my zine, Against Sleep And Nightmare.

I’ve been influenced by the Situationist International and various anti-state communist/left-communism/communization thinkers (especially Gilles Dauve).

The ideas of “The Communist Left” go back to those tendencies which broke from the Bolsheviks over the nature of the Soviet Union after 1917.

An important aspect of all these tendencies is seeing an entire arc, the entire trajectory of the struggle of dispossessed from the beginnings of an explicitly anti-capitalist, anti-wage-labor movement until the present day.

In the transformation of society that the dominance of capitalist relations has brought, one important change that has occurred is that people, working class, technocrat and capitalist all have more and more to consuming their ideas rather than gaining from an organized group. We in modern political milieus affiliate with different ideas rather than serving any kind of apprenticeship in an organized tendency. Thus the anarchist milieu is something of a model for other political milieu and also for the more sophisticated consumption milieus. So, with this process of evolution, low and behold, an anti-state communist milieu exists. I could describe our tendency,  (not to be confused with what existed in the USSR), “modern communism”, as a so-far imaginary coalition of all those who refuse wage labor relations. One thing that needs to be added is that in comparison to other conceptions of struggle, we don’t claim to represent anyone, and we are doubtful of all those who claim to be authentic representatives of the struggle of the dispossessed in this era. I could say more but I believe framing a situation very simply also has value.

This blog is something like effort talk about what ideas we would-be revolutionary communists can put forward as well as, naturally, to encourage more rigor and discipline in our approach.

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