Class Fragment…

Me: I suppose that “being published” is a feather for very desperate caps too. XXX  isn’t selective except politically and not much then. The thing about this, is, if these people using dodges to get published were like people talking about what lines to give the welfare office or unemployment to keep the checks coming, it would be cool.

But the academic racket is somewhat different.


Me: I’m joking and serious.

All the service industry has the question, what loyalty do you have to the racket? The question of purely quantitative versus qualitative exploitation seems large in the modern world.
At what point does the “ideological laborer” refuse their conditions of labor?
The modern production system incorporates a huge amount of people in labor whose ultimate aim is maintaining some combination of policing and propaganda – ideological labor. We expect that some portion of these folks will refuse their condition. How will we negotiate that process of refusal, which would pretty much have to involve at least biting the hand that feeds you?

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