Hey Communists…

Hey Communists,

Revolutionary community has to “go beyond democracy” in a variety of senses – not basing itself the division of laws and actions, etc. But it still has to BEGIN with the conceits of bourgeois equality, democracy and justice; the autonomy of all individuals, the “right”, the ability of everyone to participate equally in collective institutions (“democracy”), to express themselves and to speak for themselves in collective institutions or otherwise (“free speech”), each person’s control over their own bodies, rational inquiry in any situation where there’s a disagreement (“right to trial”) etc.

Thus we cannot accept any of the left’s pseudo-equalitarian manipulations – “Progressive stack”, situations where person X is automatically assumed guilty of Y when accused by person of type Z, Complaints people “shit talking” other people.

OK, it is a little tricky trying to explain the why of this when it’s put in such a general fashion, ie preserving bourgeois equality in the process of creating a communist community.  You could take the short-cut of pointing out how many rackets today involve reducing people’s choices from the minimum level the bourgeois society. at the very best, offer. You could say that bourgeois freedom is kind of a prerequisite for a society that involves something like a realm of freedom. That tools of “rational discourse” or similar such are something like a necessary counter-part to something like the natural human facility for sociability. What do you all think?

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