The tediousness of the modern media critic derives from his or her need for a regular production schedule – the need to create new commentary on a regular basis. What is objectionable about the modern world is sadly uniform. Any deep, effective critique of a given film, say, would apply equally to many others. So a modern critic may begin sparklingly new. But they are doomed to either dully repeat their initial critique or grope for arbitrary and false distinctions between the uniformly mediocre celebrities and the cultural commodities of the present order.

One comment on “Critics

  1. Irene says:

    Exactly! unfortunately the need for novelty has infiltrated the university system- new theories, new studies *must* be produced, at the expense of true knowledge and wisdom. This is turn is used to market, exploit, educate and so on.
    Thank you for keeping this conversation alive. 🙂

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