We are the Others

For us, capital (or whatever one calls the present order) is not something with which we want the least identification. The unity of every expert, every “policy-maker”, the state and the private sector, and so on, is total and palpable in the present era.
Believing in a “Keynesian turn” or some kind of turn that would even moderately change the overall landscape of the spectacle-commodity *terrain*, even merely a “real possibility”, requires a kind of psychic “self-harm” that is exactly the sort of self-stupification which puts a person’s brain at the service of the bureaucracy at large.

2 comments on “We are the Others

  1. Irene says:

    So what you are saying is the very act of criticizing the current order, believing we have found a position that stands outside of it, is the very deception that fuels it’s fire. Correct?
    I agree, though I believe there is still value in creating a more robust life, a less contracted and depressed way of being, by critiquing the status quo-the fashionable ways of doing things that offend me. I place my hope in the cultivation of joy, and the faith that this will flower in my community…

    • redhughs says:

      I am not saying that criticizing the current order is impossible or that criticism as such fuels the current order.

      I don’t think we can offer step-by-step instruction for the destroying the present order but more abstract descriptions are fine.
      I’d see the current order fuelled by a certain kind of simplistic critique but that’s not all possible critiques.

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